1. is there such thing as a black denaro with cita design inside?
  2. yup. it's called fumo. like a greyish/black outside and citta print inside.
  3. The Fumo is gray with Citta lining.

    Notte is black with Citta lining.
  4. The original black denaro (released Spring 2006) had original print lining. The notte (which is black) denaro released last Fall and again this summer has the Citta lining in it.
  5. If you're looking for one, the Nordstrom in Chandler, AZ still has several Notte Denaros (Citta inside), but they're not on sale. :sad:

  6. hello...just curious if anyone has ever seen or heard of any Notte Denaro's with an adios qee. Thanks...
  7. Notte denaros just have the white Tokidoki qee. I wish they had the Adios one! So far, the only print that has it is Tutti (and hopefully the later prints)