Denaro, Caramella, Ciao and Trenino

  1. I'm just curious, why are these particular styles soo hard to find at Macy's? I have yet to EVER see a trenino, denaro or caramella.....and I only spotted a ciao once in Inferno.

    Does anyone know if Macy's buyers only select particular styles to carry?

    I am itching soo badly for a trenino, but I would really like to see one in real life. :cursing::cursing:
  2. I have no idea why those styles are hard to find but I've never seen any of them at Macy's either. I have seen 1 or 2 denaros in the past but never a selection of them. I have never ever seen any of the other styles you mentioned at Macy's or really anywhere else :cursing: It's so frustrating. I actually just ordered a trenino from shoposhun but it was the only one they got. I'm freaking out b/c I don't have a clue what it's gonna look like :sweatdrop: If you find any of these styles in the store, please let me know and i'll do the same!
  3. I'm guessing Macy's just doesn't order them? Like Pulse doesn't order Mamma Mia's ???
  4. Yup, must be, they don't order them. Macy's didn't even have tutti bambinos in their system. So maybe just like everyone else they're cutting back in this print :confused1: Who can figure it out.

    I'm dying to know when and IF lesportsac is gonna put it on their website! :cursing::cursing:
  5. yah, i want to know to. seems like lesportsac is slacking...they are WAAAAY behind!
  6. They're always so super slow! :mad::mad::rant::rant::censor:
    I don't know why they like to torture us like this? :wtf:
  7. i know for sure denaros and caramellas are popular, perhaps because they're the cheapest people feel more reasonable spending money on something so "cute". perhaps they think ciao is just a duplicate of ciao ciao and treninos are harder to sell?
  8. I have found denaros at my Nordies, but have yet to see a trenino IRL
  9. Does your Nordies have the Tutti denaros?

    I think the trenino is harder to sell b/c of it's pretty steep price, $300 is kinda high for a toki bag...dontcha think?
  10. I have yet to see a Trenino, caramella, and denaro at Macy's.

    It kinda blows that all the Nordstroms in SD do not carry any Tokis =(

    I'll probably be down in SD this weekend because I wanted to check out the Fashion Valley Macys. I need to see their Tutti stock!! If you want, I can bring my trenino and you can see it in person.. Maybe we can have a mini-meet!! Tutti and coffee anybody? lol