1. Is there anywhere to find out latest statistics ?

    I'm really curious as to the demographics of all of us members.

    By percentages.

    I think this would be interesting!
  2. Which demographics specifically?

  3. i.e.

    30% from US
    29 % from UK
  4. aaah, gotcha. I think there's a way, let me check.
  5. I am not even sure... Swanky, what do you know that I don't?? :roflmfao:
  6. this would be some very interesting info!!
  7. I am still confused...what exactly about ourselves are we supposed to enter into this thread?

  8. I just thought it would be interesting to find out where we all come from....... perhaps percentages.

    I just posted a question wondering if this information was available.

    Sorry for the confusion......
  9. no one is suppoed to enter anything in this thread.
    There's tool at the top left corner of the pages here, a little box graphic. I don't know if it's updated but I think it tracks where the members are logging in from.
    For example it may be:
    Australia 2%
    UK 17%
    USA 68%
    and so forth. . . .
    I flagged it for Vlad, maybe he can tell us.
  10. I'll re-flag Vlad to see if he can tell us. Thanks Swanky and everyone :flowers:

  11. Any updates?