Demi's daughter does not look 13

  1. Personally I think the dress Tallulah is wearing is a bit much for a 13 year old

    Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore, who make a coordinated appearance along with daughter Tallulah, 13, at the premiere of Moore's film Mr. Brooks in Los Angeles on Tuesday

  2. pic
  3. OMG and what about ashtons headband:wtf:

    oh and ita with you on the dress:yes:

  4. right :roflmfao:
  5. with people complaining about kids growing up so fast and how wrong it is to bombard young girls with images of size 00 why would a woman let her 13 year old daughter dress like that. its turning a child into a sexual object
    (oops, didnt mean to rant.)
  6. i almost wanted to ask which is the daughter
  7. The dress is cute but not on a 13 year old!! Cover up!!
  8. I agree but I truly can't get past his headband thing lol!!!!!
  9. i would personally not dress my little girl like that......hmm....
  10. I must admit the dress is very cute though! (but, definitely not suitable for a 13 year old!)
  11. Wow, I would never guess she was only 13. She looks older. I think the dress is a little too skimpy on the sides. It's funny that Demi is more covered than her daughter! And Ashton's headband??
  12. I love the dress Lulah is wearing (not suitable for a 13 yo however). I wonder who makes it? I want it.:nuts:
  13. She looks about 18 with that dress... 13?!?! :wtf:

    I just don't know what to say.. but she is a beautiful young GIRL (not a woman, a girl)
  14. i'm 23 and I would feel a little... ehm... borderline too sexy in something like that... wowza. 13?!? i think what bothers me the most is how low the cut is on the side...
  15. I agree about the dress also... I like it but not for a 13 yr old girl! And also agree about the head band what is up wiht that?!