Demi VS Pouch?


Which would you rather use?

  1. Classic Demi

  2. Pouch

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  1. What are the pros and cons of both? I know the pouch doesn't fit under your arm but it is wider so i can fit more in there. Also the pouch has a plastic zipper while the demi has a metal one. (i love the metal coach zippers). I have both and i need to store one away and possible return/sell the other.

    Which would you rather use?
  2. Ive been thinking of this since I do neet one at school to carry some stuff. I'd go with either, I love them both hehe but Im probaly going to choose a demi, can fit under my arm and is really cute, love the shape too...but I think its up to you
  3. I like the demi better. It has a better shape, IMO. I also like that it fits perfectly on my shoulder while you constantly have to hold a pouch.
  4. If the pouch had a longer strap, I'd probably like it better. I can actually get more stuff in the demi, though.
  5. the heritage stripe pouches have metal zippers
  6. both have its pros and cons (which you already know about) so in terms of aesthetics, i'd say the pouch. (i do like the east/west demi more than the pouch though).
  7. I like the demi better because it fits under my arm
  8. I prefer the demi. You can wear it on the shoulder & it feels more like a handbag. The pouch feels more like an accessory to me... although it tends to hold more than the demi.
  9. I like the pouch over the demi. I can fit more into the pouch than the demi and I like the shape of the pouches.
  10. I just bought the carly top handle pouch and it is surprisingly comfortable to carry in my hand or on my arm. I can also fit alot into it. The fact that I can't carry it on my shoulder really isn't that big of a deal.
  11. Definitely keep Demi unless you have the Carly Top Handle Pouch...that one fits over your shoulder.
  12. Overall I prefer the demi over the pouch. However, if you have the Carly Top Handle Pouch, I would definitely keep that one over any demi! I have it and it's the ONLY pouch that I actually like.