Demi Lovato

  1. She used to wear a TON of makeup when she was first starting out and I surprisingly really liked it. Her last couple outfits are cute.
  2. Has the show aired yet or no?
  3. Source: JustJared
  4. Source: JustJared
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  5. Demi looks great on the cover, but it's too much hair going on in person.
  6. wth is she wearing?
  7. Really don't like her as a blonde
  8. She looks terrible. She looks great on the cover of cosmo though!
  9. Don't like the hair--color or length. It's way too long imo.
  10. The blond horse weave is terrible. :nogood:
  11. How did the x factor manage to hire TWO judges with bi polar? Thats a weird coincidence..
  12. The hair is just too much!

  13. she's BP? i just thought she suffered from an eating disorder
  14. Yes, she's been diagnosed as Bi-Polar.
  15. I think she would look better if she de-Kardashianized her hair.