Delvaux bags?

  1. Do you like them? Or have you perhaps never heard of them? They are a high end brand in Belgium. I have three bags and some accessories but lately didn't love their collections anymore.
  2. I recently returned from a business trip in Belgium. I was only able to see their bags through the window...sniff, sniff. I thought they were BEAUTIFUL. It appeared that there is a style for everyone. I came across their website the other day and was really amazed at the collection and it's beauty. Does anyone know if they are sold in the USA? I read a post that said that Saks used to sell them but didn't move them enough...I just can't imagine. Anyway I'm dying to buy one! Will I have to wait until my next trip to Belgium?
  3. i've been trying to remember what that belgian bag company was for aaaages! thank you!

    i can't really remember how very many of them look, do you have pics?
  4. You can view their latest collection at Delvaux or Delvaux They have a black hobo-ish bag with a silver, almost barbed wire looking strap, that is absolutely gorgeous. I HAVE TO HAVE it! I hear the bags last forever!
  5. this is my thing!!

    i have 9 purses off delvaux and i love them,

    i sell sometimes one t o buy another one!!

    i love them, but i think the look is a bit like gucci for the summer and i do not love that!!

    greets Ann
  6. I bought mine at Sak's 5th Ave's outlet, they were closeouts so I bought it and a mullberry and got out for less than $500.00.
  7. never heard of 'em
  8. Love them! Thanks for introducing them. I also loved the "look" and the outfits of the models in the photo collection. Very classic yet modern.
  9. I owned a nice structured Delveaux in a blond deer reminded me a bit of a kelly, but it had a frame and a top closure. Anyway, very high quality stuff, bought mine from SFA Beverly Hills, around $3k year 2000? I've since sold it just because my taste has evolved and am more into high end but casual looking bags(Celine, Goyard, LV luggage).
  10. I love what I've seen from them! Especially the structured bags! Every once in a while, I'll see one on eBay but nowhere else..
  11. There were a few at the Saks Off Fifth store here last year. The bags looked very well made, leather beautiful and styles classic with added flair. I also wish they would come back to the U.S., too!
  12. I hadn't heard of them at all - thanks for posting. That is what is so great about TPF - huge amounts of knowledge, always something to learn and in great company!
  13. Delvaux is exquisite. I own two bags, but now they have become so unaffordable that LV (accross the street in Antwerp, Belgium) is cheap by comparison.
  14. :crybaby:

    That's too bad... I will be going to Belgium next month and was seriously considering buying a Delvaux (because I'll never be able to buy a Birkin, and I've read that Delvaux makes bags of comparable quality and timelessness. Plus nobody knows about them in the U.S.)!

    I'd only buy if I could see myself using that bag for the next 10 years - or beyond. (I am 28 years old.)

    The current bags are at - click on "In Collection," then "Leather." I'm liking the last one on the third row, the first one on the fourth row, and the third and fourth on the last row. Which, if any, would be a solid investment?

    Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi Ladies! I am new to posting here but I love bags!!
    Delvaux used to have a classic image but now attract all age groups. I bought one recently with a vitello finish (fur like feel) and it is extremely well made. Have several Hermes etc. so wanted to try a Delvaux. Got way too many envious looks which means it is a beauty!:tup: