Delux beauty Going out of business!

  1. Ack is it true? i LOVE their glosses. I mean LOVE. the texture and longevity is amazing. Denton is the only classy looking sparkly gloss i have ever used in my career and it ALWAYS gets compliments when worn. and so many other great colors. Im so sad and feel so out of the loop. Sephora and other places ares selling their stock for like 4.99 which is crazy cheap.of course much is already sold out. Anyone know why she is closing down? Im surprsied she didnt sell off to estee lauder...:cursing: :crybaby:

    how did i not know.... where can i scoop up my favorites before its gone forever....:hysteric:
  2. Oh my, I had no idea! I bet it's sold out at most places by now!
  3. Everywhere I have look it is sold out. Sniffles... i HATE when that happens which is why i usually buy my favs in bulk practically but now I will be Glossless!:crybaby: :censor:
  4. Did you check Delux Beauty's website?

    Delux Beauty
  5. Maybe they are doing what LOLA did--just selling through their own site.
  6. oh no, its my favorite lipgloss !!

    I only have two of their Norris Lipgloss left *panic*
  7. Isn't McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey from Grey's) her husband?
  8. Yes she is married to Patrick Dempsey. She used to be one of the owners of the salon where I used to go (it was called Delux) in West Hollywood. She is so beautiful in person.

    Anyways, the website is still up, and it didn't mention that they were going out of business. Did you call the number and they told you this?
  9. Oh no, a friend of mine that I use to work with @ Bendels wound up with a pretty good job with them from what I understand......I haven't seen her in a while, I hope this isn't true.
  10. Hold still has it, the website still looks good. It's not unusual for a company or two to stop carrying a line. I've seen Macy's sell our of Lorac on clearance and Sephora do the same with other lines.....they either lost a contract with the company or opted to not sell the product anymore. I wouldn't worry right now, it does not seem like they are going our of business.....
  11. Hum, maybe now that her husband is doing so well, and she's having twins soon - she's selling her co.?
  12. Oh no!! Their glosses are my favorites too! If this is true I've got to buy backups of all my faves before they're gone... especially Asher, I can't live without it! I don't even own any other brand of lipgloss anymore.
  13. I was at Fred Segal and the ladies there said the company is done. But why wouldnt she just sell it then to estee lauder or someone like that? lauder is ALWAYS buying out smaller brands. I checked the site and they dont have Denton or Norris the two greatest colors of all time. plus they are small so they actually fit into my LV Cles! i have searched high and low...even went on eBay! Nada. I emailed DB and hopefully they will get back to me... but yup stock up ladies because these puppies are gone...sadly i fear forever.... denton poor denton. see this is why i usually buy lipglosses on sets of threes and my BF says im crazy and hording gloss but look had i not been on a " no gloss in sets of three" BAN i wouldnt be freaking out so badly now... :crybaby: :censor: :sos: :hysteric:
  14. I'm looking to stock up on Norris too ( i love that color), Last time, I bought 2 of them because I hard rumors they would be nomore.

    Hopefully, i'll find another Rasberry-gold lipgloss once again :sad: :crybaby: