Delurking myself...

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  1. I have been here reading for a few weeks now and let me just say that I'm obsessed!!!

    I am quite amazed by everyone's collection of handbags. I have quite the collection, with my most recent purchase being the large signature khaki/saddle Carly. What a great bag...I love it!

    I live in Columbus Ohio and I'm a Deputy Sheriff. Many people are surprised because I'm such a girly girl, but hey girly girls can be cops too!

    Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself and let all of you know that I thoroughly enjoy all the posts.
  2. Welcome to tPF...I lurked for a month or so before posting. This is a great place to share your love of Coach/handbags!
  3. Hi there RWolfeOH! Welcome to the Coach forum! Please make yourself at home and enjoy!:smile:
  4. Welcome to the Coach purse forum! Congrats on your Carly! Carly is an awesome bag!
  5. wow welcome to coach tpf!!
  6. Welcome!!!!
  7. Welcome to the forum! It won't be good for your wallet but you'll meet lots of great ladies and your collection will grow!

    Nice to hear about your job--that's very cool. We did a "what do you do" thread awhile back, and it is so neat to see how many diverse kids of jobs tpf ladies have...

  8. Welcome! :smile: Would love to see pics of your collection. :smile:
  9. Welcome. Glad you are here!!
  10. Welcome to tPF RWolfeOH! This is such a great place to fuel your obsession. Can't wait to see your collection. :smile:
  11. Welcome tPF!! Wow, cool job, bet you have some stories!
    Hope to learn more about you:yes:
  12. Welcome to the Coach forum.
    This is a great place to learn and share with everyone.
  13. Very cool! Welcome to the forum!
  14. Welcome! You'll love it here!
  15. But your wallet wont. :p

    Welcome! Glad to know that there is another newbie on the Coach threads now. :yahoo:Cant wait to get to know you and your collection more!