Delurking Myself.

  1. Hi ladies and gents- I've decided to delurk myself from the Chanel forum because I recently purchased a black medium flap in caviar and loved it so much that I started lurking around the Chanel pages. :smile:

    Went to the trunk show at Chanel on 57th and listed myself for the dark silver metallic reissue in 227 size (listed at $2450 I think) and a baby cabas in black (listed at $1995). I am not sure how the cabas will look, since I have only seen the larger version in person. I think I'm crazy for signing up for two fall bags, since I decided to allow myself one this upcoming season. Ugh! Can you help me decide? Which to get first-- the dark silver reissue or the baby cabas?
  2. owww thats a tough one! I personally like the reissue better as it IS the one that coco made. But the cabas will be great for everyday bag while the reissue might be more of a dressy bag. It depends on which type of bag you need.. Or if you are like me, ie, do not need any bag but still want more, then you have yourself a dilemma..=) but i vote for the reissue.
  3. I say the cabas. I think it's more versatile but then again, I'm not that much of a fan of the reissue.
  4. dark silver reissue all the way..

    but then again, what are YOUR priorities for a Chanel bag? Chanels aren't the most practical bags unless you want a baby cabas or reg cabas... I'm not a cabas fan at all so I'd naturally choose the dark silver (I have one in the 225 size... perfect for evenings and day time)
  5. I want both of those bags too, so I'm no help. If I could only get one though, I'd get the reissue.
  6. Personally, I'd go for the reissue. I used to really want the baby cabas, but changed my mind after a while. To me the reissue is more classic. But what size bag do you really need to use? You have to factor that in...maybe the baby cabas would better suit your needs?

    Both are nice bags.......depends on how you'll be using them.
  7. it depends which one makes your heart sing. i like the cabas because it works better in my life but i can't say i get really excited carrying it. i had a breakthrough moment when i saw another woman carrying a cabas (and hers was really broken in and slouchy) and it made me go, blah. i see myself feeling sassier and walking taller carrying the silver reissue, KWIM?
  8. I say the reissue. Sounds gorgeous! And I'm glad you came out to play! ;)
  9. thanks for your input, everyone...

    in terms of priorities, i have a million black purses and wear a lot of black, so i think i will go for the silver first since it will really pack a punch in my daily life, and wait on the cabas. if i still want it, i think i might scrape some funds off and get it later in the year :smile:

    at chanel 57th street, they only had the black metallic in 227 size, so i didn't get to see what that size looked like in the silver, but i think for my blackberry and cellie and other things, the 227 size would suit me best...

    will let you know and post pictures as soon as i get my hands on one!
  10. I would pick the dark silver reissue. Cabas seems more trendy to me.
  11. I'm no help....get them both....!!! I love both so....good luck w/ your decision..!!
  12. Very hard choice, but I am a big re-issue fan. I think you made a great decision.
  13. I think you made the right decision - the dark silver reissue is TDF!!!!

    Can't wait to see your pics!!!
  14. I just got my black baby cabas last week and have been using it for the past few days for work.... it's a casual and chic bag, tho a baby it's roomy enough for the day to day stuff.... I am very happy with the bag....and by the way, I've already put my name down for a metallic black reissue before I bought the baby cabas..... so I am saying get both...they are so different in functions and looks...cannot be compared...:p
  15. dark silver reissue.