Delta Goodrem @ Album launch party and showcase performance for her third album...

  1. ... "Delta" in Sydney, Australia, October 9.

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  3. She's very pretty.
  4. Who is she?
  5. Gosh! She looks so much better now she's dressing a little bit edgier. She used to drive me crazy with her overly sweet image.

    Joopy, Delta is an Australia singer who started out on Neighbours. She had cancer a few years ago, recovered and is now back to singing I believe. She is most well-known in the UK for getting together with a guy from Westlife (as photographed together).
  6. Im not a fan, i find her to be really fake and pretentious. I have always got that vibe off her. but i wish her all the sucess
  7. she's soooo untalented. sings the most generic, insipid crappy pop songs ever. horrible nose job too, it's very fake looking.
  8. Aww I love Delta Goodrem. I find her so sweet and I love her songs.
    I felt sorry for her when I heard she had cancer and that her ex left her for Paris.
    From those pics it sure looks like she has moved on and she looks absolutely stunning.:woohoo::heart:
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  12. I love her hair! That's my ultimate hair goal :p
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  14. Delta Goodrem ~ Out & about Los Angeles, Jul 18:

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