Delman sample sale

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  1. Delman Sample Sale
    When: Thurs., Nov. 1 - Sat., Nov. 3; 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
    Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th St., 4th Floor (between 6th - 7th Aves.)
    What: Fall and Winter 2007 styles. All sizes.
  2. I can't wait I love their flats.
  3. anyone ever go to the sample sale before? how are the prices
  4. my friend went today and said most were around 150-180.
  5. i went yesterday.
    they had samples in 6.5 and 9s only for $60.
    they had the 'country' boot for $250, brown or black.
    they had the 'roxanne' mary jane for $150
    everything else was priced between $125 to $300.
    lots of colors and sizes!
  6. gah, i originally posted this and then I forgot to go.

  7. :crybaby:sad
  8. creighbaby, I went on Friday and I don't think you missed much. I was very tempted by the $60 samples because there were boots as well. But nothing was awesome there and I think that's very Delman - I only like a couple of their styles and think the rest are a bit more sedate/older. I would have stopped by yesterday to see if they slashed prices, but forgot.
  9. Thanks for the post. I was wondering if I missed out on a spectacular deal. I'll save my funds for jimmy choo and rebecca minkoff.