1. i have no idea why the link posted that long description...sorry!
  2. They sell fakes, there was a thread about this somewhere.
  3. i checked the sellers watch list and it seems like there are 2 similar sites, one of which sells fakes. Search the Web sells fakes, but nothing about!

    not sure what to do, they're all at such a good price. :sad:
  4. If it's too good to be true..
    stay away.
  5. That website sells fakes. Steer clear.
  6. Don't buy from them. The bags are fake. I bought a fendi bag from them a couple months ago. And the bag was a joke totally fake so i sent it back and they gave me my money back. No problem. Stay away!!!!!!
  7. fakefakefakefakefake!!
  8. No, they only sell fakes. Plus, I heard that they also just took some people's money and never sent them anything, real or fake!
  9. Dear rinstar311 :
    Many thanks :yes: !
    I was looking at this site because I'm looking for a whiskey Paddy but I coudn't find it on others sites (and don't want an eBay's seller).

    Does some girl of the forum know where to find one ? :confused1:

    Have a good day !
  10. ETA... they only have tan listed, but maybe you can ask them if they can get a whiskey for you?
  11. Whoa, their prices are way over retail. Why don't you want an eBay seller? There are some wonderful sellers on eBay. We can help you find a recommended one and authenticate for you. Good luck finding your paddy!