Della moda???

  1. Does this website sell autehntic dior handbags? The prices are incredibly low.
  2. Yeah, all their bag prices are incredibly low!

    I have bought a number of things from them. It started with shoes -- a couple of pairs of Paciotti, which were perfectly authentic. Then, I purchased a pair of YSL heels. Also authentic.

    A few months ago, I sucked it up and purchased a Fendi baugette from them. It took a bit of time to get to me, and I was very very anxious. I did get the item and it was authentic, but the anxiety was too much for the bargain.

    I can't say anything for the other items they sell, but if you've got a good heart, you may take the risk for the bargain.
  3. I don't know, it was my understanding that they sell fakes.
    Maybe someone else with more information will come along.
  4. thanks i would much rather spent the extra money knowimg im getting something authentic.
  5. I agree, that is why I end up in San Francisco at the Dior boutique for my purchases.
  6. I also ordered shoes from them - paciotti- and they are authentic. I want to buy a fendi - $199 - not sure if its real.
  7. I've looked at their hardcore's before and they looked very very fake. . . so I waited for eBay- I hear mixed things about them... but when in doubt.. :tdown: