Dell Battery Recalls!

  1. Thought I'd help spread the word...

    Dell is recalling about a zillion batteries used in their laptops because of the possibility of them catching on fire. It's a long time span too when they were sold, for about two years, from 2004 up to July of this year. You can go here for the actual model numbers from Dell and what to do:

    You can also go here to read the NYTimes article: - Technology News: Dell recalls PC batteries
  2. Are they contacting registered owners, or is it up to the owners to figure it out? My hubby and my son have Dell notebooks. I have a Mac.
  3. I just bought a mac because my Dell notebook quit charging... so its dead.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my notebook is on that list.
  4. Trust won't care that the Dell stopped charging once you get used to the Mac! :yes:
  5. Does anyone know if the Gateway batteries are also made by Sony? I pulled one out, but it doesn't seem to say Sony on it. Still--I wanted to make sure.
  6. Mine's not affected! I've got a 5150 :smile: