Delivery vibes worked!!!!!

  1. Fed Ex came through! My daughters Heritage Stripe pouch in green, and my pond patent ergo tote arrived!!!! I have to say, and this is coming from someone who wasnt really expecting to like this color, WOW!!!!! Oh my gosh this color is just beautiful. I dont even know how to describe it, but it sure as hell isnt the sky blue that I was afraid of. Its more like a dusty blue/gray - veeerry sexy!!! Wow I'm just blown away! Now I know that any photos posted just cant do this bag justice. You must see it in person. And dont forget I am a pretty neutral color kinda person, not into flashy at all. Its just beautiful. Im so happy I ordered it. Still waiting on the tatersall wristlet, but here it is all dressed up w/the scarf and star charm. Oh and my daughters bag is adorable. She loves the green, perfect size for her, and the easy care material will really work well for her. She was a little camera shy, but my little guy wasnt!
    heritage ergo 002.jpg heritage ergo 003.jpg heritage ergo 004.jpg heritage ergo 005.jpg
  2. Wow, the pond is very pretty! :tup:
  3. Congrats, love both bags, the pond is GORGEOUS all dressed up!
  4. Yay!!! I am so happy you got them!!! Congrats!
  5. I know your happy you got them the tattersall scarf on the bag!!!
  6. Wow!! Gorgeous bags! I'm think I'm going to have to consider the pond ergo to match my tattersall scarf too!:graucho:
  7. Very beautiful!!! and you tied the scarf so nice!!!! Love it!!
  8. both are beauitful and your son is a handsome boy :smile:
  9. Beautiful! I love the scarf tied on there.. it looks perfect!!! :okay:
  10. The patent is sooooo darn pretty! Your little guy is so cute w/ the pouch!
  11. Beautiful bag, Enjoy breaking out with a new color!!!
  12. Wow, I absolutely love your pond tote with the scarf and charm. It looks absolutely gorgeous! Your son is adorable, too!! :tender:
  13. So great, both bags are fabulous! I hope your daughter is happy with her pouch :biggrin: And can't wait for you to start using your new pond bag!
  14. That pond color is tdf...argh, you are all making me want this bag now! The Green is so cute too, I think it's my favorite of the heritage colors (next to the very limited navy)
  15. OOOOOOO so gorgeous!!!!!!! And your daughter is going to be so excited!!! I wanna squeeze your cute son, too!