Delivery Today from M.A.C. Cosmetics

  1. Today I received an order I placed 2 days ago from M.A.C. Cosmetics online. I had been in the store this past Sunday and the store I was visiting was out of most of the Barbie Love M.A.C. and then the Viva Glam VI lip gloss.
    I wondered if any of you have ordered from M.A.C. online before and did you get yours this quick? I just LOVE this brand of make-up. The packing was wonderful, the items were wonderful as always.
    If only Sephora would begin carrying it then it'd be a perfect world. Does anyone know why Sephora does not carry M.A.C?
  2. I LOVE mac!
    I have not ordered on line, I get mesmerize at my department store Mac counter :p
  3. I usually do but they were out of a few things this last time. In Atlanta GA, people FLOCK to the M.A.C. counter. What can I say, it's the BEST :yes:
  4. wow you are lucky to have received it so quick!

    I ordered online about 3x's already and it has always taken at least a week via UPS.
  5. I may have gotten it so fast because the place I ordered it from was only a couple of states away from me, and California is further away and the transport may take longer. It's like that for me when I get something from CA. I hate having to wait on things.
  6. I am guessing that MAC doesn't need Sephora. They do just fine in the department stores they are already in. They are always swarmed at my Nordies here in Beaverton Oregon. Must be among top makeup lines sold, I would guess. Plus they have their own retail stores. It's the smaller brands that can't establish a foothold in department stores that need Sephora.
  7. i always see the MAC counter in Nordstroms PACKED with people...i was told that Seporha doesnt carry MAC because they wouldnt want two stores in the same mall to have the same product which is also why Macy's (in my mall) doesnt have MAC either. Is that at all true?
  8. Macy's here has M.A.C. so I don't know. Sephora has some make-up that I see in the other mall stores such as Urban Decay, Lorac, Stila and Smashbox.
  9. There is a MAC counter in my local Macy*s,and there is a MAC store in the same mall?
  10. Come to think of it, I think we've got one mall that they have a full on M.A.C. store and then Macy's has it as well. Usually M.A.C. has a counter in at least two stores in our malls but then some places have NO M.A.C.

  11. this exactly what I was going to say
  12. Great minds think alike! :wlae:
  13. i don't think that's true because at the mall here in houston we have a MAC store plus atleast 3 dept. stores with MAC.
  14. we have 4 mac stores all within a 5 mile radius, not to mention mac counters in macys, bloomingdales, saks, etc
  15. The cost of shipping from online is atrocious, and their delivery time for me last time was 6 working days
    *doesn't buy from mac online*