Delivery mishap....weird!

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  1. I had ordered a Jimmy Choo Ross handbag from Saks and was expecting it today. When I got home a box was on the table, I couldn't believe that this was the box, it was way too small for the a shoe box (I was thinking is Saks getting cheap on their packing?!). Anyway, I was grumbling the whole time while opening the box...because I knew no way is this the handbag and low and behold there lay a Chanel shoe box that held a beautiful pair of wedge strappy sandals in size 9!( MY SIZE!!) I was so mad but at the same time I had to laugh, at least they sent me the wrong item in my size! I looked at the packing slip and it clearly said Jimmy Choo Ross handbag :blink: can someone make such a mistake! Just for fun though, I tried on the Chanel sandals :nuts: , so comfy and they fit perfectly even with my wide feet! Well, at least I got to try on a pair of CHANELS once in my life, I always thought their shoes were made more for narrow feet....learn something new!
  2. :lol: wow nice! Interesting mishap!
  3. Hi pursemama! OMG that is annoying and funny at the same time. :lol: At least they sent you the right size shoe!!!
  4. Hi Pursegalsf...can't wait for May! :smile: :nuts: !
  5. Me too!
  6. haha Pursemama, see if they'll let you keep the shoes because of the hassle. "Come on, guys, lemme have 'em, they're already here..."
  7. Exactly,they should let you keep the shoes to make up for the inconvenience:lol: . I wonder how the other woman is loving her surprise Jimmy Choo bag?:lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Serously! The shoes should be yours! hee! hee! What Saks did that? shocking...thats a pretty big error!
  9. Very weird....did you call them yet?
  10. That's so strange! I agree, they should let you keep them :love:
  11. That's too funny! I hope you get it worked out and get your bag soon! Can't wait to see it!
  12. Post pics when the bag does actually come!!!
  13. That is very cool.
  14. Chanel...Choo...well at least they both start with the same two letters!!

    But that is amazing it is in your size! If it was one of those itsy bitsy sample size 5's it would have been really ANNOYING! :nuts:
  15. Hey sample sized shoes are awesome, since there always seems to be some sort of clearing out of them at the end for super discounts and I get to clean up !! :amuse:

    Maybe this is a sign, you have to get the shoes and the bag, I mean, the shoes are meant to be with you so much that they even arrived shipped to your door ! :lol: