Delivery exception :(

  1. Incoming angsty rant :push:
    Oh noooo... I ordered my ultimate soft from Saks on Tuesday and tracking it has been a nightmare. I called FedEx last night and they said they had no record of anything being shipped to my address! I did not sleep well.
    When I called Saks this morning, I was shuffled over to shipping, but they could not find any shipping record for me either! At this point I am quite distraught because the charge has already gone through on my card. So I shuffle back to the Chanel dept and finally get to talk to the SA who took my order. He said that the bag went out on Wednesday and some other stuff I couldn't understand because it was so so loud in the background. It was like trying to talk to someone while they're at the circus. He was able to give me a tracking number, but when I pulled up the information on the FedEx site, I saw why no one was able to find any information.. my name was spelled wrong! Argh!

    I'm used to it by now.. I have a fairly common last name that happens to be spelled completely different than what people expect so I've been correcting people since elementary school. But I spelled it out for him over the phone when I placed my order and he recited it back! Same with my address! So thank goodness it had actually been shipped, but then I was concerned about the address since FedEx wasn't able to find anything for me (I'm imagining some other girl finding a lovely surprise on her doorstep and then I'd have to track her down and beat her up to get my bag back).

    I refresh the tracking page like crazy only to find out there was a delivery exception because my apartment number was not on the box and the front office could not find me in the system because my name was spelled wrong. I was terrified and rather angry that I wouldn't get my bag until Monday or that they would have to return it to Saks! Fortunately, the nice FedEx representative fixed everything and I should get my bag tomorrow around lunch time. Whew!
    I'm glad my bag is ok, but I'm seriously annoyed that it has been this stressful. The moral of this story is: don't order from circuses. I guess.
  2. Sorry to hear about that! I have also had MANY problems with DHL and USPS. I have yet to have any problems with FedEX or UPS though.

    Glad to hear you're getting your bag. Is it the ultimate soft that you listed in your sig? Pics when you get it! :yes:

    Also, just to let you know, the large camellia wallet was not affected by the price increase, so breathe easy.
  3. omg, how horrible!! i know how excited i always am to wait for a chanel package and i would HATE for that to happen. i hope everything works out, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  4. i hate delivery problems -- so stressful! to avoid miscommunication problems (i have a very difficult name), i prefer to shop at department stores where i have a charge card so they can look up my account information and make sure everything is correct.

    good luck!
  5. PANIC...I would have been scared to death. Glad it worked out and Congrats on your pending bag.

    UPS left a Reissue sitting at another office's outside doorstep, because someone forgot to put my office suite number on the address.....So, UPS just flipped a coin and left it a random office doorstep........ it seems. But I too, tracked it down like a bloodhound.

    Scary isn't it, Glad you found it!:tup:
  6. Thanks for the empathy everyone. :smile: I tried to whine to my bf and just got a blank look. Granted he thinks Chanel only costs about $400...

    missisa07- It's actually not FedEx that I'm having problems with (though I've also had problems with DSL and an order of sea monkeys). FedEx has actually been quite helpful, so that is good. I'm so glad the camellia wallet didn't go up in price! Especially now that there's a triple points event heh. I called the Chanel 1-800 number to check, and the girl told me that there are several new styles arriving in Jan! Ooooo

    kicksarefortwids- I had just opened a Saks account for the purpose of purchasing the bag, and I know all of that information is correct, so I wonder why he wouldn't have gone with that?
  7. I am glad you got your bag, but it would have been Saks responsibility to get it to you -- if it's lost, misrouted, etc., it's their problem.
  8. Yikes! I would panic too, glad you got your bag.
  9. It seems as if Saks did nothing right. So sloppy!

    It's good to know that FedEx makes a serious attempt to get the package to the proper person. I've always liked FedEx for that reason.
  10. Several new style of the camellia wallet? Or new styles of wallets? I'd loooove to see those!!! :love:
  11. BUT... it really wasn't FedEx's fault. It was the SA who originally took the order. :smile:
  12. ^Ahh I see. I've had problems with that too! Bluefly sent my huge order off to someone else on Maui. I was so upset! I had to wait another week to get another shipment sent out to me.

    *sigh* That's why, if at all possible, I just like buying things in person. Although with brands like Chanel, sometimes that's just not always possible.
  13. Aghh--I feel your pain! Delivery issues make me crazy!!!

    Let us know when the package is safely in your hands!
  14. It is not Fedex's fault, no. I would actually formally complain about the SA who dispatched your order, since they could cost their company a lot of money in the long run.If your bag had never arrived but you'd been charged, it would not have been your loss, but Saks's responsibility to fix you up with another.