Deliveries!!! Come See Pics!

  1. :love: I'm loving everything! Items arrived on Monday, Thursday and Friday. What a fun week for me.
    Monday = Legacy Shoulder Bag - Black Leather ($256 eBay)
    Thursday = Lurex Wristlet ($58 JAX) and Heart Script Keyfob (JAX)
    Friday = Ali Black Leather ($187 eBay)
    Ali Leather - Black.jpg Heart Script Keyfob.jpg Legacy Shoulder - Black.jpg Lurex Wristlet.jpg
  2. Wow what super deals! O_O
  3. You got so great deals!!!! Congrats
  4. I am so jealous right now! You got great find there. congrats!
  5. Gorgeous! I LOVE the black shoulder bag!! :tup:
  6. Lovin' your black beauties! Lucky gal!!
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm soooo happy. Now I have to decide which bag to carry today! What a great problem to have. :smile:
  8. Beautiful!!! :tup: What great deals too, congrats!!!! :tup:
  9. What a great week it has been for you! :tup:
  10. Great purchases, glad you were able to get the brass script heart... it seems hard to find.... :smile:

    Its going to look great on those bag :smile: Enjoy!
  11. What a great Coach week for you...I love that keyfob.
  12. Thanks. I love the heart keyfob. I wanted it when it was in the stores, but missed out and have regretted it ever since. Then, someone here (sorry, don't remember who) said they called JAX and there were still a few left. I didn't realize you could do that with some of the "older" stuff. Lucky me, it was still available.
  13. Good Finds w/ all your purchases... LOVE the keyfob! Congrats!
  14. What a wonderful week...lots of coach coming to your home!!! Isn't it fun to decide which bag you want to carry when you have two new beautiful bags?
  15. very cute!!! I have the same wristlet I love it