delimma! wat to do??

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  1. i called my local lv and they said thte waitlist for the speedy azur is pretty long and it might take 2 weeks to get it, i want it before christmas but not in 2 weeks. and they don't know when the big shipment is going to be.. it's so frustrating. if i put myself on the waitlist on thurs. you think i will be able to get it around the 17th?
  2. You can call 1-866-Vuitton and see if there are any stores that have em available and can ship to you. It's 20 dollars to ship ground and 30 to ship express.
  3. Eluxury has them off and on.
  4. You may as well put yourself on the call the 866# to see if there are any don't lose anything for putting yourself on the list, but if you don't, you may miss your chance of getting one before that date.
  5. go check on elux everyday they get some once in a while
  6. I would def call the 866, I bet there is at least a few floating around.
  7. good luck hunting down azur :smile:
  8. i think u should still put urself on the list, just in case. and then look other places also. maybe the wait might not be that long.
  9. I would put yourself of on the list but continue checking eLux. They've been popping up quite a bit.
  10. I hope you find one.
  11. I hope you get one. So try eLux as they restock it often.