Delima: How do i remove/prevent scuff marks on Leather trim

  1. I have one the the patchwork pieces from a few months ago. And like a lot of bags it has leather trim all over it. It had a few scuffs when i bought it, be now that ive used it the number has tripled.

    I tried gently rubbing one the spots with water. that got the scuff out but left the area a little darker.

    do you brilliant ladies have any ideas???

    (* just a side note. the leather is light brown)

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the white leather trim on one of my Hamptons bags with great results.
  3. Anyone else have any suggestions for us? :smile:
  4. Did you try the coach leather cleaner or moisturizer?
  5. Have you tried a regular white pencil eraser? That might work too. I don't have a lot to add, unfortunately, because all of my bags are black so I don't get too many dark scuffs. At least I can't *see* any...
  6. Did you buy the denim or khaki patchwork? If so it has the tobacco leather on it and it DOES scuff with a light touch, it's the nature of the soft leather.

    You can't put anything on it to prevent scuffing, but you can lightly use moisturizer on it to buff them out. DO NOT PUT CLEANER ON IT! Do not lather the moisturizer on it either, lightly use it and rub in circles.
  7. I usually wear dark colour jeans and my shoulder bags tend to swing against my hips so the colour transfers on to the trim of my bags!! Is there anything I can use to remove or protect the leather trims? I am 'heartbroken' that my new Ferragamo bag already has blue marks along the bottom edges after just a few wears....:cursing: HELP!! :crybaby: (and also my WHITE Prada bag.... arggg!!) Should I use the Coach leather cleaner??