delightful SA's

  1. I've had wonderful experiences with Diana at SCP and DJ in LAS. Very helpful! Went above and beyond to get me items (no Birkins...sorry). Lovely to deal with.
  2. ^ I love that! The SA's I deal with are truely wonderful, too!
  3. I'm in UK but Darra in Charlotte store was wondeful to deal with over the phone and email.

    I don't remember his name :shame: but an older black male SA in Sloane St boutique in London was brilliant too.
  4. I've been very impressed with the knowlege and helpfulness of Andrea Cassandro in Venice, Xavier Delgado in Cannes and Frederic Petit-Hecky at the Paris George V store. I just can't say enough good things about them.
  5. Everyone I've worked with in the Charlotte store has been friendly and helpful--extraordinarily nice. Jason is my favorite, and there is a woman (I'm ashamed to say I can't recall her name) there who I really like also.
  6. :nuts:....I just ordered a mousseline from Frederic at Georges V!!!!!! He WAS fabulous!
  7. Grand Fronds, don't you live in Australia? Can you just call Paris and order something and have it shipped?

    Frederic is SO NICE. And they are all fabulous when you get what you want!:smile:
  8. I agree with Loony...Darra in Charlotte is a real sweetheart...and Jeanette in Vienna is also very nice...
  9. Brittany in Atlanta is my main SA and she is wonderful. I also love Jason in Charlotte!

    Timiko in Atlanta is great as well. And of course Keith and Priscilla in Fairfax are absolute darlings.
  10. I agree about Darra. She is wonderful, indeed!!! :yes:
  11. everyone in charlotte hermes is awesome :smile: i haven't seen them or the store in a few weeks and am going through withdrawal!!
  12. I adore Brittany as well! She has such a wonderful attitude.


  13. I second that opinion on Dianna! Also Sam at SCP is a gem, too!:tup:
  14. My favorite SA is Daniel at Wall Street. Hehehehee. (He's never found me a single item, nor have I asked him to, but MAN he's good looking).

  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    maybe i should go visit him :graucho: