Delightful RB interior

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  1. Picked up the delightful with RB interior. Was going to sell my azur neverful with beige interior and get the neverful with RB. Should I bring back delightful and sell neverful beige to get RB?or keep delightful RB, and neverful beige??
  2. I'd keep the delightful RB !! I love the delightful more than the neverfull's !!
  3. Congrats!

    The Delightful DA/RB is really gorgeous!

    Hmm I also like the Neverfull DA/RB. I love that it comes with the matching pouch. I would keep both, they're different bags. But, if I had to choose one over the other, I would keep the Delightful.

    If you want the Delightful and Neverfull, sell the beige Neverfull. However, if you don't want the Delightful, exchange it for the Neverfull, and sell the beige Neverfull.
  4. Do you have a picture?
  5. Keep both. Neverfull is always good to have as a tote, and keep the Delightful as a purse.
  6. I do have a picture trying to post it but it won't let me. I keep trying but it's saying error when I try to upload a pic. I appreciate everyone's input. The delightful is a great bag, I am going to sleep on it tonight. Also my neverful is only a year old. Fashionphile offered me 700.00 for it. It's still in great condition.

  7. That's all they offered. Wow...
    How much did you pay for it? Did you purchase new/retail?
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    I'd personally keep both. It sounds like Fashionphile is really lowballing you, especially given the age of your NF, and selling it sounds like more of a headache than it's worth just so you can buy it all over again for a different coloured interior.
  9. I did purchase it new. So it is a low offer. I think at this point the best thing is to keep the neverful and delightful. At least I have one beige and one pink interior. I fell in love with the neverful with RB. I think because with the neverful you really see the interior. But both bags are beautiful!! Thanks everyone for all your help!!!
  10. Keep the delightful! I saw it today and it's super pretty with the Rb. I got the Neverfull only for more practical reasons of the pouch and easier for me to navigate with a baby. But now I'm thinking of getting the delightful one as well. I just think it goes with the style so well it looks so feminine.

  11. Please share some pics of the delightful with the RB interior
    As for your question, I'm a pink girl so I'm all for also getting the NF in RB - (that's what I have and would also like to get the delightful). But, it might be nice to have one with beige interior so you don't have to feel like you need to "match" the pink all the time.

  12. You may want to try Yoogi's as well. I've noticed their offers have been higher than Fashionphile lately. I know they are a business and want to make money, but it annoys me that they make low ball offers and then list the item for at least double. They have so many things priced above retail, and people are actually buying them...guess it all goes back to the economics of supply and demand. Good luck deciding.
  13. Delightful and neverfull are two different yet still similar in function bags (at least to me, cause I can't wear hobo cause of slippery shoulder). I think what you need to assess is whether you have needs/functions for both bags, if yew keep both; but if you really just want RB interior and you use neverfull a ton, I would say sell current nf and buy RB interior nf.
  14. I like the pink interiors but I have a fairly new NF with the light interior and I think it looks nicer as it matches the outside perfectly. I'm quite obsessed with colour matching though!
  15. I think I might try yoogi's also. I am curious. But your right about fashionphile. They do sell your items for a lot more then what they offer you. I have sold to them a couple of times. But I am getting tired of taking such a loss. It is annoying!!