Delightful PM & MM?

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  1. Does anyone own both? I have an MM in DE. Contemplating getting the PM (pre loved) and using the MM for travel.

  2. I have delightful PM old version in mono and I love it. Can I ask you if you have a new or old modell? I belive that PM old modell is bigger than new one. I use my Delightful even for travel in the summer. However I'm petite, so PM size looks big on me.
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  3. I also have the Delightful mono PM - old version and it is my all-time favorite bag in my collection. I also have the neverfull in the MM size and the Delightful PM is at least that big and much more comfortable to carry. I guess because of the wide soft vachetta shoulder strap.
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  4. Thank you both! I have the newer version MM.
  5. I’m contemplating getting a preloved mono pm in the pivoine interior. It’s gorgeous.
  6. Anyone who has a PM, does an MM agenda fit comfortably inside? Or should I keep my MM?