Delightful owners patina question.

  1. Hey there,

    I've noticed that my Delightful is starting to patina really fast. The handle is already a honey color and I've only had it for a month and only used a couple of times. I always keep her in her dustbag. Do all bags Patina this fast or is it just the Delightful?

  2. I have the Galliera which is like a sister bag and same issue.
  3. Do you have pictures of your Delightful?:smile:
  4. That seems fast to me.
    I have the Galliera and Delightful and they have nice patina. It looks good on them, I think.
  5. The strap is thin, so the oxidation is being absorbed much faster i think
  6. It happened to me as well..

    I bought delighfull MM 2 weeks ago and used it daily around 10 days in the row. The shoulder handle has turned to honey brown but the rest of the leather has not turned to honey brown yet, i was wondering why it turned so fast hence I brought her back to local lv store, it said that it due to usage which i think is not reasonable hence they offered me to change the handle and charged me S$140 (US$115) for the handle only.

    I did apply apple conditioner and spray it wih apple garde on every part of leather, when i brought my bag back to LV, they refused to replace it for me FOC because they said that there is no such 1 year FOC warranty for repair which it is really piss me off because when i bought her, the SA clearly said there is 1 year FOC warranty.. LV after sales specialist said i applied apple conditioner which it made my bag turned to honey brown very fast then i told her that it is not reasonable as the other part of handle did not turn to honey brown at all which i did apply same time and amount of conditioner. i had 2 year delightfull pm did not have this kind of problem, it was turn evenly together.

    So i am wondering, is this the problem for new batch delightfull? i am very upset and moody now because of my bag..... :cry:
  7. Well, the handle is the place that is touched the most, so it makes sense it would patina faster than other parts of the bag! It is unrealistic to expect a replacement bag simply because you are not happy with the way yours has patina'd. Customers are not entitled to replacements just because their expectations are off the charts.

    Maybe the leather is reacting to something in your body chemistry. Maybe you wear body cream and even though it is not applied right before wearing the bag, the oils are still on your body and clothes, and absorbed into the leather. If you mean the underside of the handle where it touches your shoulder is darker than the top that doesn't, that makes perfect sense since the underside is in contact with your body when worn.

    Honestly, the problem is not with the bag, and I will stop here.

  8. I do not like to wear any body lotion or perfume, the handle darken on the top, the below part still perfectly all right. I would expect that at least they look on to the problem which the honey brown color only have on the top and their argument was I applied apple conditioner which I did apply on same amount of apple conditioner to the rest of the part of the handle why the darken only happened on the top of handle? I am reasonable if they give me valid reason but if they did not give me valid reason, I can not simply accept it. Unless someone from lv can convince me on what is real reason.
  9. I've had my Delightful for a year and it's barely changed color. It's almost as light as when I bought it. I sprayed it with Kiwi Protect All a couple times (because rain sometimes happens unexpectedly in FL), but have never used leather conditioner or cleaner. I wouldn't use those unless I was absolutely desperate.
  10. Here's a quick pic. Trim on bag hasnt turned as fast.
  11. Also, I don't mind that it's changed, and it's my first bag so I was just curious if all bags patina this fast? Also for reference I do not wear any creams at all and I have not used any leather protectors etc.
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    Apple conditioner can definitely react with particular leathers, especially raw leathers. Maybe the Appleguard on top of the handle reacted to the environment which contributed to the darker patina on top. Singapore is very humid from what I am told, and the humidity may have an effect as well. Even though your other bags didn't suffer, it doesn't mean it can't happen as every piece of leather is different. I personally would never apply Apple Conditioner to vachetta for fear of a reaction. And even if it wasn't caused by the Appleguard, it could just be that's the way your bag is developing patina. My brand new Cabas Mezzo arrived with darker patina on the bottom and sides than on the handles but it doesn't bother me.

    As for the warranty you speak of, the manager of my LV boutique did state something to the effect of a year for defects but not normal wear and tear. I definitely think your bag should have been replaced for the tear that was found after two weeks. One of my Balenciaga bags developed a tear shortly after purchase and Barneys replaced the bag without question. Even if I did something to cause it (and I didn't; I probably didn't notice it upon purchase), a bag should not rip after two weeks of use. But for the handle of your LV I disagree with your expectation of a free replacement handle.

  13. What do you think? It's been used approx 5 times and it's less than 4 weeks old. I do like the honey color. However, I'm really surprised that's it's turned this fast. It hasn't been treated at all. The times that I have used it, it was hot and sunny.
  14. Yes mine also like your, I brought back the bag to lv. they were saying that it is norm to develop patina faster than the rest of handle which I still curious why It is norm yet it never happened to my delightful pm which I just sold it recently it's was evenly develop since I bought her in May 10.
  15. You made good point Roey, perhaps it due humidity and sunny day that causes it happened

    I still upset as it did not happen to my delightful pm and galliera pm which it should be developed patina in the same manner.

    Kristar's bag has same problem like mine, it proof that something is not right with newer batch of delightful yet lv did notice it.