Delightful owners/fans

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  1. Ok so my other thread I was wondering what bag and I decided on the delightful as its a good shoulder bag nice style good and roomy. Anyone who has one got modelling pictures as I'm not sure what to get PM,MM or GM? I'm 5' and 106LB (7st 6) thanks :biggrin:
  2. Here's mine, I have the PM and I am 5'9" for reference. Hope that helps :smile:
  3. Aawww.... Your mod shot is soooo cute!!!

    OP, hope this sizes comparison would slightly helps :smile:
  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. Cute shot :smile: I own the GM it is the most comfortable Louis I have.
  6. I purchased the mm but ended up returning it. I'm 5'3" and although it looked like the right size for me I felt like it was too big. If I were to purchase it again I'd go with the pm.


  7. Thanks that's really helped I might need to try it on before I buy
    Cute pic!!
    I really do love the looks of this bag at first I was thinking artsy but it cost a lot and the main difference is the strap which IMO is to thick for me
  8. Definitely, try them on. I had my mind set on MM but ended up getting the GM. I am 5'5" tall. :smile:
  9. Thank you. The artsy is a beautiful bag, but from what I understand the strap is so stiff and takes so long to break in. I love my delightful, it's so easy to carry and so comfortable.
  10. I know the GM is very big, but I love love love the zippers on it. It gives the bag an edgy look. I'm tall and would get the GM for sure.

    If you're shorter, you might like a smaller bag.
  11. nice choice!
  12. i just love the slouch of the delightful. do you ever wear it without the slouch in the middle? does it slouch naturally?
  13. Kind of. Sort of. Lol. If you clip it shut it more or less will not slouch. I never clip mine shut. I just grab and go, but if I'm in a high traffic area I will fold mine to slouch. Hope that makes some sense. :smile:
  14. The older mine gets, the more slouchier it gets especially once you put you wallet and so on in the bag.
  15. I am 5"4 and have the pm. It is actually really big for the pm size. I thought I wanted the artsy, but it was too huge, IMO, and very heavy, without anything in it! Go try on the delightful before you buy it so you are sure of the size.