Delightful or Sully?

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  1. Which bag do you guys recommend for casual outings, work, etc? I already have Artsy MM and am getting Portobello GM, but am feeling the need for a casual mono LV!
  2. Sully. Casual...but still chic
  3. Delightful 100% vote for me
  4. Isn't the sully pretty similar to the Portobello? You said you are getting the portobello so I my vote is for the delightful....I love the GM with the zippers!
  5. Agreed!
  6. Delightful
  7. Delightful GM
  8. Delightful!!
  9. Delightful. I love her.
  10. I like the sully.
  11. I love the Sully!
  12. delighful.
  13. Delightful GM!!!
  14. Since your getting portobello, I vote for delightful! :smile:
  15. Delightful!!! Love mine. :smile: