Delightful or Sully for an old Artsy lover?


Jan 22, 2007
I'm back after a long hiatus! The last LV I bought was an Artsy back when it first came out. I lived in Honolulu and was able to go to the store and try things on. Loved that bag but sold it eventually as I do most everything! Anywho, hubby talked me out of buying a Sphynx kitten by luring me with a new LV. LOL I no longer live within close driving distance of any stores that carry LV so I'm relying on tpf research and you tube comparisons and I still keep changing my mind. I originally planned to get another Artsy but it is a little out of my budget new, and I discovered all these other hobos! Aside from the handle on the Artsy, I actually like the Delightful and Sully better. I just can't decide. Hoping you guys can help if I tell you what I'll be using it for.
Mostly casual/work/weekend use. I work full time and while I don't often lug my laptop around, I do like to stuff a cardigan and water bottle inside. I have 7 kids, youngest is 2, so I'm still taking a sippy and dipes/wipes pouch when he's with me. The other kids are all over 10 but sometimes I do wind up with some extra stuff of theirs in my bag. Thoughts on these 2? Leaning more towards the Delightful, but the Sully is so pretty! :smile:
Also, tell me about azur. I don't baby my bags, but I don't beat them around either. Is azur difficult to keep clean? I'm assuming it would wipe off easily if it did get dirty?

Thanks y'all!
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Apr 30, 2015
The Sully was discontinued and replaced with the Berri. Unless you plan on buying pre-loved, I think the Sully is out. The Berri is an awesome bag though. I did tons of research before buying mine, and I love it.


Sep 20, 2015
Washington, DC
I have both. I carry the Delightful more because it truly is carefree ( I have it in DE). Having said that, I LOVE my Sully more than any of my other bags. The hardware is absolutely gorgeous and I love the handle. That being said, based on your needs described above the Delightful sounds like it would suit your needs more since it is an open bag.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
As others have already mentioned, the Sully is discontinued and its replacement is the Berri. It's a beautiful bag but the vachetta on the bottom corners is a turnoff for some because, well, it's vachetta and we all know how that can turn out when looking at the Alma and Noe... The Delightful was re-modled recently though and now shows characteristics of the Artsy, Sully, and NF - definitely has my vote!


Jan 31, 2017
I decided on the MM Delightful in mono. It will be here tomorrow!!!! So glad to have my thoughts affirmed!
I bought a Neverfull tonight when my heart was with the delightful. So I'm going back tomorrow. But now I have to decide mono or DE. I love how yummy the leather on the mono gets after wear. But the original DE is stunning. What made you decide on the mono? BTW congrats. So excited for you.