Delightful or Galliera??

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  1. I want a hobo style Mono bag. I have tried on and like the Delightful MM. I also tried on the Galliera PM back when it was still in stores and remember loving it, but cant try one on now. Which do you prefer? What are the differences? Pros and cons?
  2. I have both and although I tend to use my galliera more( due to its smaller size) , I prefer the delightful mm when I want to carry a sweater, scarf, iPad, plus essentials. Weird I know but I want my delightful to outlast the galliera.
  3. Galleria
  4. Differences: CONS: galliera has the front plate which is susceptible to scratches and hardware rubs on strap producing black marks (can come off though, I use a soft rubber gum), smaller opening, and alcantara lining can stain easier than the textile lining. Pros: SOOOO comfortable to carry and hugs nicely on body. Delightful cons: no zipper( not a con to me but might be to some people) Pros: Very comfortable strap, roomy, spacious, and easy to carry.
  5. I have both they are both excellent choices. The Delightful mm is a bit bigger than the Galliera pm and the galliera pm is a little dressier IMO. So it really depends on your lifestyle and what you like to carry and maybe even wear. I prefer my galliera but if I need to carry a lot (more than a full size wallet, full size Pochette and mini Pochette) I go for the delightful. The delightful seems to slip of my shoulder more but it is newer too so it could be the strap is not as broken in. Either way you go they are both amazing bags!!!!
  6. I have the delightful in MM and I love it, it is my everyday fall bag. The major plus is that the wide shoulder strap is SUPER comfy and it is great weather you are carrying a Little or a lot.....
  7. Delightful
  8. I have the delightful mm now, and had the galliera in the past. The biggest thing for me is that you can get into the delightful while it is still on your shoulder. The galliera sits so close under your arm, this is not possible. Drove me bananas having to pull it off my shoulder every time I needed to get to my phone or keys. Hope this helps.
  9. IT also depends on how hoboish you want it to look.....I love the slouchy look and the Delightful canvas tends to be soft and really slouchy after it has been used for awhile......
  10. Delightful!
  11. Galliera! looks hobo and elegant

    delightful too plain, and I dont like the bottom
  12. I had the same dilemma but I ended up choosing a pre-loved Galliera PM. I thought the Delightful was really nice but a bit plain. I really loved the GM with the zippers but that was a bit too big. I wish they made a size in between. Anyway, I love my Gals (I have both mono and azur) and haven't had any issues with the gold plate and only the mono was getting tarnished. I had the new rings put on both bags for free at LV and no more tarnishing! The bag is very comfy and hugs your body and no strap slippage!

    The cons are (as others have said) that you need to take the bag off your shoulder to get things in and out easily and also due to its less slouchy shape it gets filled up so you might need to stack and organize things for everything to fit. BUT, I put a lot inside my bags: Sarah or Zippy, pochette, mini pochette, agenda pm, iphone, cles, key holder, cosmetic case, checkbook holder and more!

    I don't really see the Gals around too much anymore and I get a lot of compliments on the azur. My hairstylist also begs me to sell my mono to her every time I carry it!!
  13. Galliera PM hands down !

  14. May I interrupt this thread to ask you when you had your Galliera rings replaced? I've gone to two LV stores and SAs at both seemed clueless when I asked for my rings to be replaced.

    And to the OP, I love my Galliera! It's the perfect hobo, except for the rings causing marks on the vach. But, I also have my eye on the Delightful. ;) Let us know what you decide!
  15. Delightful. I am not a big fan of galliera. I dont really like the big plate at the front. Good luck on deciding.