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  1. Yes lucky my SA showed me how to fold it over to create more space but still don't think I will be able to wear with a big coat. maybe if it softens up and sags more.
  2. Agreed. The pm also looked weird on me. It looks so beautiful on the other ladies but not for me. It is a shame because I really love that keychain dangling on the side.
  3. It does looked beautiful on the lovely ladies who posted mod pics. I'm really want the DA one because if the pink lining and the charm. Oh well...
  4. #3034 Jun 12, 2015
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  5. Beautiful bag. I don't mind the thin canvas. I think that's a plus. I LVoe lightweight bags ❤️
  6. Your Delightful looks fantastic on you!

  7. I feel the same way. It's so light
  8. Love the lightweightness of my Delightful DA :heart: mmmm, carrying my Neverful DE first time since repair.. wonder if same thickness as the Delightful DE.. Compare when I'm home later.. Didn't notice if Delightful DE's canvas was unusally thinner.

  9. Me too! [emoji4]
  10. So pretty i want the Delightful mm ebene as well the azur is also beautiful....
  11. Nice
  12. I had asked the repair specialist about the quality of the new LV vs LV 15 or so yrs ago, he mentioned that environmentalists are cracking down on what products they are using on their material. Supposedly its less toxic, hence the weaker Josephine wallet had peeling on the canvas that looked like sunburn peels, and had only had it for 4 months when I started noticing it. That was not the onky complaint I had about the wallet, the glaze started peeling, as was the handles on my 7 month old Turenne PM. I have pics in the Turenne clubhouse thread.
  13. Hello I'm new here and would like some advice please and sorry if this should be posted elsewhere..I only recently started getting into LV thanks to my husband after he surprised me with a de neverfull mm as a push present last fall. I then fell in love with the mono Delightful mm and was on my wish list for this that I am ready to purchase I find out that it has been redesigned .. I don't like the nm and really have my heart set on the om. I am in Canada and called around boutiques but to no avail. I'm quite sad about it and decided to come here and see what you guys suggest.

    It seems it's a recently discontinued model so I'm surprised boutiques don't have any around, sorry if I'm assuming incorrectly as I am very new to all this..I'm desperately in love with om :biggrin: so I wouldn't mind buying pre owned in new condition or light patina but that's if it's purchased with in Canada but I have no clue where or how to look..Any suggestions will be helpful or if anyone knows of one being sold...Tia!
  14. I just got my delightful pm in the ebene I will post pics up soon
  15. Congrats! Look forward to your pics!
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