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  1. Interesting... Never heard this before.. I learned something new today!
    Thank you for sharing. :smile:
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    Last edited: May 17, 2015
    It's the first I'd heard of it as well and I've been buying LV since 1997. Both times were in boutiques and unsolicited. Very interesting. Leads me to believe maybe this directive is coming from higher ups, to " educate" clients and possibly avoid repairs down the road? Who knows. Anyways, I do fasten these days because I have more time! When my 3 boys were growing up I was constantly on the go and was always in and out of my bag. It was a nuisance to keep zipping/ unzipping, and same for in the car. I was easier to have the bag open in case I needed something. Just thought I'd share what was told to me.

  3. Yes I always fasten if there is a clasp and always zip if there is a zipper. I just figured that's why they were there. Lol
  4. This is strange, I think the zipper and clasp(s) are for security hmmmm. I will keep mine closed and clasped from now on too, however I would like to know the reason why this preserves the bags. :thinking:

  5. I have never really been told anything about doing what I do I just do it. I always thought leaving a bag unzipped would ruin the shape of the bag. I even zip and clasp when not carrying and when stored. I would say there are probably a lot of different opinions on what preserves the bag or bag shape. I guess you have to do what you feel is the proper way to take care of your bag.
  6. Thanks so much for that tip.😊 I recently purchased the Delightful and I never hook the clasp, I will definitely be keeping it hooked from now on.
  7. Can anyone please confirm if you think that the canvas is stiff and really thin. I went to the store yesterday to see how the NM DA Pm would look on me but I was so disappointed on how it looks on me. Love the pink lining but it feels really stiff and thin compares to my old model. It may also be the reason for cracking. I'm now leaning more towards turenne or neverfull if I ever decide to purchase anything.
  8. Huh this is new to me! I never zip my Retiro cause I find zipping and unzipping it a pain. Maybe I'll try to be better about it.
  9. I have the nm da mm. I originally came in for the pm size.. it is beautiful but the pm size looked weird on me, maybe because the strap drop was so short compared to the mm. I'm not tiny, 5'2" about 135. The canvas is thin and has a squishy feel. I really love how lightweight it is. I'm sorry I can't compare it to the om because I don't have it. I've had mine for almost two months, so far no issues to report. Thank goodness!
  10. Do you have a modelling shot of you Delightful DA? Thanks.
  11. I found the canvas extremely thin as well. If you don't love it definitely buy a different bag. I really am not sure if the canvas on all the LV bags are different and thin. Other lovelies can comment on that. I ended up searching for a soffi azur bag because I had read the canvas was super thick. I love it but tough to find. I really was so excited for the DA delightful but was really disappointed in it. It is a stunning bag and looks so beautiful on every one:smile:
  12. Excuse my messy room and attire. Just got off of work 😕

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  13. Thank you for the pictures :smile:
  14. Looks great. I have the Mono PM and agree the drop is quite short. I plan on getting a long strap for it too. I thought that the MM was too big. I would have the kitchen sink in there! :smile:
  15. You're so right. I have so much stuff in my MM with tons of room to spare. When I was in store I didn't even consider you can slouch the bag (duhh) to make the strap drop longer lol. I wish I got the pm instead . Too late now lol. I think having the long strap would look weird on the MM, but for the PM it would look awesome!