Delightful news!

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  1. Spoke with the manager at the LV store where I shop, and she confirmed Delightful will be releases in Damier Ebene! I will be out in April, 2015 and will be slightly " updated" from the current version! Personally, I can't wait for this bag!
  2. wow, that is big news!
  3. Yay!! :nuts: Did she say if it will come in all sizes? I guess since the GM is discontinued already it would only be in PM & MM?
  4. Great news!!!
  5. That is great news!
  6. Exciting, I can't wait to see it!
  7. Looking forward to seeing this, when a bag is only available in one print it's so hard to Imagine it in anything else. The totally looks great in de, the delightful should be too.
  8. I cannot wait!!!
  9. I didn't ask about sizes. I'm interested in MM. I guess I just assumed it would be available in pm and mm sizes. Wonder what the changes ( updating) will be??
  10. i wish they would add outer zippers to the mm and pm like the gm had!!!
  11. I love the delightful, cant wait!
  12. Ooh, that's a great idea!!
  13. Wow I was wishing it would come out in DA! That would be such a beaut!
  14. Yeah!:yes:
  15. i totally agree, i would actually prefer to see this bag in azure because one of the things i like about the delightful is the soft vachetta strap. not sure how that will play out with the ebene strap.