Delightful MM or DE Neverful MM


Apr 7, 2013
I have both - LVoe them both so much!!! The delightful is more comfortable and I think it matches more outfits - but the DE neverfull is soooo practical! You can throw so much stuff in it and you don't have to worry about the untreated leather in the rain. However...I have only owned my DE neverfull for two months and the leather is already peeling. I am really upset about it. It is a very common problem with that bag. My delightful is aging beautifully - I have owned it for 7 months - however I can't use it everyday b/c of the weather.


Dec 29, 2010
I have the Sully MM and that was bought first by my hubby, then went back to get the NF Mono GM a few months later and the funny thing is I tend to grab the NF and use that the most. I also have been eyeing up the Delightful MM in the next couple of months. What I do know is my SA told me only the NF has been rated to carry I think up to 100 lbs. All the other bags have not been tested to carry a lot of weight.