Delightful MM MIF

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  1. If anyone should happen to be at a LV boutique in the USA and see's a Delightful MM made in France could you please private message me!!
    I have been looking for one for months.
    I have no problem having it shipped to me, so it can be in any State!!
    Thank you in advance everyone!
  2. Can a store check for you? Maybe call a few stores and see what they have. I just bought a Galliera MIF in Oakbrook, IL. I have a feeling its going to get harder and harder to find MIF and MIS items.
  3. I have called many stores :crybaby:
    I have about 6 boutiques I can drive to within an hour and I call them weekly .
    I have a couple SA's that say they will call me if one comes in but I'm not holding my breath they even actually look for me.

    It was a shot in the dark posting here but im getting desperate!! :pout:
    If I don't find one in the next week or so im just going to buy a MIU before there gone and I get stuck with the..... Gasp!! Cloth Tag!!!!! :panic:
  4. Don't suppose you have friends/relatives overseas where MIU isn't as prevalent?
  5. No I wish...
  6. Try calling the LV boutique in Scottsdale, AZ, and the boutique at Saks in Phoenix. I have had good luck with both those locations having MIF pieces. The LV boutique in Tucson also had a MIF Totally GM I had shipped.

    The boutique at Saks in Phoenix is 602-954-4758.

    Scottsdale is 480-946-2415

    Tucson is 520-577-9111

    Good luck!

  7. Thank you !! I will call as soon as they open! ;)
  8. I found you one MIU without the tag. Would that work? ! Let me know!:smile:
  9. No luck :nogood:
    Thank you anyway!!
  10. :sad:i have the same problem..i just cant find MIF delightful anywhere in canada! this is so frustrating!
  11. Hi! I live in London and went to the Lv store in bond street last week and bought a speedy b in mono. I tried a delightful mm MIF. I'd like to help you but not too sure how :sad:(
  12. Do the MIF bags still say made in France on the outside of the bag??
  13. buy it and sell it to us..:smile:
  14. Yeah i believe SA said if we want to get MIF bags we should buy it in Europe or if you can just frly to france or hong kong right away..
  15. I'm 41 and I've been buying LV for over 20 years. I have many many pieces. I have not one time been concerned on where the bag is made before I buy it. In my collection, I have USA, France, and Spain. If I see a bag that I like, I buy it, the origin is not a factor to me anyway.
    Can someone PLEASE explain this need that people have to buy bags/ accessories only made in France? I honestly dont get it. Are you insinuating by this need that the products made outside of France are somewhat inferior? Or is it something else I'm missing?