Delightful MM in Mono or DE

May 14, 2014
Hi ladies and gents! I tried on both bags today and one of the SAs told me that the DE suits me more. What are the pros and cons? Could it be because of my age since I'm in my 20s? The DE is gorgeous for sure, but I already have the Neverfull in DE print (edited). Thanks!
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Mar 27, 2006
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I am completely clueless as to what your SA could possibly mean by that remark other than the DE suited your outfit you wore at that moment as both bags have the same dimensions. The Delightful is a completely carefree bag in DE. You wouldn't have to worry about rain on the leather, uneven darkening, or dirt on it as it wipes off easily on the DE. However the leather on the DE doesn't seem to soften up as easily as the vachetta leather. If you want to vary your collection and buy something from each of LV's prints then the Delightful is a beautiful, carefree bag. But if you really like the mono print then don't worry that you already have a bag in that print. There are many, many LV lovers who have only mono bags. And that's perfectly ok!
May 14, 2014
Thanks for the info! That's good to know it could be because of my outfit and not some other factor. I totally agree with you about DE print :love: but might go with Mono since I would like a bag that slouch and soften faster. I was hunting for a preloved Delightful MM within Toronto, but no luck at all :crybaby:


Jul 23, 2010
I just sold my one year old delightful because the vachetta trim was dirty/ stained from color transfer ( black wool coat). Sold it in a Toronto buy/sell group. I'd go with the DE since I've had 2 delightfuls in mono and its so hard to keep the wide shoulder strap and trim around the opening from looking " worn" after awhile ( one year mark for me, as an almost daily bag) The DE requires less babying !


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Jul 4, 2016
I have this bag in DA and DE and I find the DE waaay more comfortable, even though this sounds weird. The vachetta strap slips off my shoulder every now and then and the coated leather strap doesn't. I also just find it more comfortable overall. My DE already has a nice slouch after three-four months months of light wear. I've actually thought about selling the DA because of this slipping issue, it drives me crazy sometimes, but I still can't part with it because I find it so pretty.


Mar 6, 2013
I have the DE in the PM size and it has great slouch. I'm not sure why some people complain about it. I guess compared to mono, the canvas is stiffer, but I like it - it feels more substantial. I had also heard about how it slips off the shoulder, but this hasn't happened to me at all. I really love this bag. Some people have issues with trim wrinkling and/or chipping, so I will have to keep an eye on it. I think wrinkling is normal, as it is with vachetta, but chipping would definitely bother me. The DE is less maintenance than mono, but if you already have a DE NF, I understand why you would want a mono piece. Vachetta may worry us, but getting patina is a fun process.
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Oct 3, 2013
I just got my preloved Delightful PM in mono today. Love the way it slouches, even my mum commented on the comfy strap after she tried it on.
Out of a few LV bags, I only have 1 in DE, so I may be bias.
I feel that the Delightful looks better with a softer slouch, not sure if DE will be after some wear.
The DE is almost weatherproof & very carefree, but I do worry a little about the treated leather strap & trims cracking over time. IMHO.
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May 14, 2014
So...I'm having second thoughts after lurking too much in the Clubhouse section LOL :loveeyes: Should I go with Speedy 25B or Delightful? Currently in my collection are Neverfull, Speedy 25, Speedy 35, Totally. I might also get a Eva in near future. Thanks everyone!