Delightful GM?

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  1. I haven't been back on this site in a couple of months. Everytime I get back on, I get the urge to go LV shopping. Here's my question... I have the old Monogram Delightful GM that has two zippers in the front. This was my everyday purse for about two years. I loved how it would slouch and loved how I could put so much in it. Since it was my everyday purse for two years, it's taken a beating. I contemplated selling it and would still get a fair price for it but can't seem to part with it. I tried it on the other day and thought about taking it out of retirement but just hate how dark the patina has gotten. I thought they discontinued the GM but saw how they have the newer style in monogram. Does anyone know if they will make the DE Delightful in GM?

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  2. I'm not sure as it would most likely depend on the popularity of the re-introduced GM in mono as well as if larger bags in general come back into fashion. If it sells well then LV could very well expand the size into the DE and DA versions...I'd love a DE GM but for now I'll make do with my MM.

  3. Have you considered getting the vachetta replaced your current bag?
  4. I'll cross my fingers and hope they make the DE GM!
  5. I've never thought of that. I'll look into it. But hoping eventually the DE will be available in the larger size.
  6. It looks gorgeous on you!
  7. Thank you! 😊
  8. I wish they'd make a DE Delightful GM. I feel like LV bags are getting smaller and smaller and everything that is GM/large gets pulled after a short time period (with the exception of the Neverfull). I don't carry a lot to begin with, but I like having a back up big bag.
  9. I completely agree!
  10. I hope so too! It would be beautiful!
  11. The delightful GM was my daily bag too, I really really regret selling it and I miss the zippers so so much. Maybe lovin' my bags vachetta cleaner could help? If I still had mine, I would use it
  12. Does anyone have the new style GM? Would love to see pics
  13. I tried it on at the store. It seemed really plain. I miss the two zippers on the outside.

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  14. Wow, it really is a huge bag, have never owned anything in GM size but it does look a bit plain without zippers. Thanks for the pic
  15. Thanks for the pic. Without the zippers from the original GM it's just rather blah;)