Delightful Gm or Speedy Bandouliere

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  1. My wonderful hubby is going to the store tommorrow without me. But he is letting me choose which bag I want can you help me ladies. I can't make up my mind. I have a speedy bandouliere 40 in monogram already too. But I also love the ebene in a 35. Then I also love the zippers on the delightful. Help me ladies please I have until tommorrow evening to decide.
  2. I like change! :smile: Delightful!
  3. As much as i love my Delightful GM, I'd choose the Speedy 35 DE because you have the speedybMono. :smile:
  4. may be go for something different, delightful GM~!
  5. This may sound silly but are those pockets in the front where the zippers are?
  6. Delightful!!
  7. i also have mono speedy b 40, so we are bag twins:smile:
    if i were you i would still get damier speedy b 35...

    delightful is comfy on the shoulder, but it looks too casual i think, but nothing bits the look of elegant speedy bag, which is also classic, plus it is all weather bag, it has zipper on the top and the cross body option.. which i so in love with... plus fall is coming so i think you will need smth in ebene, you can save for delightful later... good luck and let us know what you ended up with...
  8. Delightful. I have delightful mm and speedy b 35 and tend to grab delightful more often as it is more comfortable on the shoulder.
  9. Yes they are. I use them all the time to put my phone and keys in there for easy access and so nothing will scratch it inside.
  10. Are the pockets roomy?
  11. Pretty roomy. And then of course there is 2. And you have an even bigger pocket inside.
    Outside I would just use for your small items, if you have a small wallet, keys, paper, phone etc. even some small makeup items like chapstick/lipstick.
  12. I vote for speedy b
  13. Yes they are roomy :smile: i have a speedy DE in 30 and Delightful GM ;)

    Depends on how you will use the bag and how much you carry, i love my speedy but have to switch to shoulder and although it holds what me and my babys needs i love the shouldstrap and pockets with delightful and feel somewhat organized. Id choose delightful to change it up.
    But if your a speedy girl then get that.
    Id actually suggest looking and trying on both :biggrin:
    Its a personal preference KWIM
  14. I am leaning towards the Delightful Gm I am in love with the zippers. My hubby said go with something different. Thank you ladies for all your wonderful advice. You are all so great :smile:
  15. My thoughts exactly. Those zippers may be the most irrelevant things but they are gorgeous to look at and feel. HAHA This was actually the first purse my hubby got me. It was a baby shower gift. :heart: