Delightful GM mod pic for petite ladies

  1. looks great!! I'm 5'2 and always gravitate to larger bags! I'll be looking for a petite mod forum :smile:
  2. Can't wait!!! thanks for starting this!!
  3. Go petite clubhouse!
  4. Great pics :smile:
  5. Thank you!
  6. Many thanks to you OP for starting his thread. I always see bags that I like and wonder how it would look on someone my height.
  7. Love it on you! I have a PM and a GM and I love my GM!!! Don't forget to join us in the Delightful Club!:drinkup:
  8. Looks great on you! I have the pm and gm and couldnt be happier! Congrats!
  9. You're so welcome! Take a look at the "LVoe for Petites" club for more mod pics of bags on petites.
  10. Thank you! I am in! :smile:

    Thank you so much! I love it!
  11. That's one big bag - I LoVe it :smile:. It looks Great on You!!!!
  12. Great choice!
  13. WOW what gorgeous pics , its such a beautiful bag ....... I love the Delightful GM!
    You are very stunning ! Congrats and enjoy !
  14. Thank you! :heart:
  15. I think the size looks great on you