Delightful for a new mom?

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  1. Seeking input from all you fabulous mothers...I am a new mom and am lusting after the Delightful. I wouldn't use it as a diaper bag, but would wear it on my shoulder for my items and maybe throw in some light baby items if I'm running out quickly and don't need a full diaper bag. Any mothers have a delightful and find it user-friendly? I'm considering the mm size. Thanks!!
  2. I think it's gorgeous and I'm sure it could work for what you described. Congrats on your little one :smile:
  3. Or neverfull- diaper/shopping/beach/more shopping/chihuahua :smile: Congrats on newborn!
  4. I have the mm and it is very roomy. I had the pm and it was too small. It's with the extra money for the mm.

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  5. I agree. I have both and i reach for my mm much morr often. However, i am a mother of three really young children so i tend to carry a bit more in my bags even when i do carry a separate baby bag.
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  6. I had this bag in PM and used it for maybe 1-2 weeks. I like how it looks when worn, but I hated how it gaped open when I sat it down.

    Size-wise, there is a lot of room in even the PM. I was surprised how much I could fit in it.
  7. I have two MMs and they're both incredibly comfortable to wear, lightweight, and spacious inside - the only possible downside could be that the single wide strap is prone to slipping off the shoulder once you bend down or have your hands full (basically anytime the shoulder will slouch/drop a little).
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  8. Oh yes. Good point about the strap Miss Krys.
  9. Good point about the strap. I hate when straps slip down, especially when I have both of my little ones with me!
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  10. Most of the single-handle designs are bad for doing that, especially the ones that are wider (Sully, Delightful, etc.) or DE since they don't dig in/get a grip as easily, but that's just a small price to pay for the incredible comfort. Double-strap bags like the NF and Totally like to stay put - even if one strap falls the second usually stayed and thus the bag doesn't slip as easily. My Delightfuls could murder my neighbours in their sleep or self-combust and I'd still never get rid of them though...
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  11. Haha haha :nuts:. That statement was funny. I almost spit my coffee out reading it. Hahaha. How about the Neo Rubis mm? Two handles and it's wider at the top for mom's need two straps? I had the Neo Rubis and loved the two handles and how big it was.
  12. i have the delightful mm and the strap is always falling off my shoulder. the nf with it's narrow straps snuggle into my shoulder better, i've found.
  13. If you can I would go to LV and try it out, then you can see how comfortable it is and test if the straps keep falling off your shoulder when you bend down. I'm a mum of 3 kids so I know what it's like, if this is the bag you love though and you can live with the straps then I say go for it :smile: Your kids won't be little forever, the older they get the less you need to take everywhere.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to have to decide between the neverfull and delightful. I think I need a trip to the boutique!
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  15. I have the Delightful PM and it was fine while my second child was a baby, but now that I am out and about with a 5-year old and a toddler, it is impossible, I can only carry cross-body bags when I go out with my kids. I only use my Delightful when I go out without them.