Delightful DE strap - will it soften?

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  1. Ladies that own Delightful in DE - how long does it take the strap to break in and soften? I bought a new DE MM on Saturday, and haven't used it yet. The strap is so stiff and almost sharp along the edges. I'm rethinking DE because of it and considering exchanging for a mono. Will the DE strap soften up over time?
  2. I've had mine for more than a year. The strap becomes more bendable but it did not soften enough to affect the edges. It digs into the shoulder so I only wear it if my top covers my shoulder.

  3. Unfortunately it probably won't, that is the difference between the treated leather vs natural leather vachetta. I encourage you to look at the duomo hobo that has a treated but soft/pliable leather handle which is very comfortable.
  4. Thanks everyone. The stiff strap, and the wrinkles I see across the top edge of all the used ones I see convinced me to return it this morning. Off to the next thing, I guess!
  5. Will you be getting the Delightful mono instead or are you going to get something entirely different?

  6. I purchased a preowned Delightful MM in mono - the old style with the leather tab in front. The strap on my Galliera is soft as butter and I'm hoping the Delightful vachetta strap breaks in like that too.
  7. I know what you mean about the Galliera's strap being soft. My Galliera's strap is super comfortable and the canvas itself is super soft. I hope my 2 month old Delightful pm becomes that way too, that's why I'm using it as much as i can.
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