delighted by this practice

  1. something happened in the face of yesterday's bad news from vlad that reminded me of what a fabulous community this. i was looking to buy two plisse boxes, and yesterday evening i got a PM offering two to me as a gift! i've tried paying, i've tried sending flat scarf boxes in exchange -- i've even tried chocolate and wine! but she just refuses to take anything for them.

    and it's got me musing on how generous and caring you all are -- it's the brand that brought us together, but the people that really matter. :yes: i've gotten so much from so many of you that i don't even want to list names -- with so many i'd be sure to leave someone out, and i couldn't bear that. i've received instruction on authentication, sympathy and prayers for my sick dog, enabling from my go-to girls when there;s something i want to buy, and an all-expenses paid day in new york from a tPF'er in town who refused to let me break out my wallet for anything! not to mention the RAOK and holiday generosity and thoughtfulness. you guys are spreading the good karma, and i hope it comes back to each of you manifold.

    i'm going to balance out yesterday's negative energy and only focus on the good stuff today. so, got any stories to share about how GREAT this place is?

    ps -- in an effort to pay forward the generous gift of plisse boxes, i have two flat scarf boxes to go to the first to post that you need them. ETA: GONE! via pm.
  2. I can't even express how much you all mean to me! :yes: Going through a difficult time but having the support of SO MANY wonderful is a true blessing. :heart: I've met so many strong, beautiful inspiring people here and you all give me the strength to know I'll make it. :heart: :heart:
  3. Thanks for this post! Like another member told me recently when I was distraught over a situation in my store involving my SA: "For every bad situation on TPF, there are 9 good ones." Thanks to the members who remind me of this everyday.
  4. You guys are great!!!
  5. I felt the warmth of fellow tPFers many times this week.

    First I had a lovely tPFer give up a pointu that she had won to me, you know who you are :heart:

    Then another tPFer helped me obtain my grail scarf. She was so sweet, even offering to ship it out to me before she received my check. :heart:

    This is in addition to the everyday warmth I feel from you Ladies. You are so special and I am so glad I found this place.
  6. so it IS on its way! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    i'll wear mine and we can be twinsies next time we meet. :smile:
  7. Thank you for posting this DQ, I think this post along with so many others really shows how amazing this comunity is here on tpf and a few bad apples won't change that. I'm thankful to be a part of it :heart:
  8. The glow in the dark twins!
  9. darn it! i have been looking EVERYWHERE for scarf boxes. i even have a wtb for them :sad:

    i have found the generosity and kindness on this board utterly amazing. this truly is a wonderful batch of people!
  10. It feels good to be back after sometime away. I have learned a lot and have made so many wonderful friends.
    I want to thank those friends for their support...:heart:

    Crochetbella- you are in my prayers- you to will weather the storm.:flowers:
  11. Aw, DQ--this is such a great idea. :heart:

    There have been wonderful members, who didn't know me from Adam at the time, who were kind enough to connect me with some wonderful SAs at their stores. And a lovely member who made a special trip to her store to procure the shooting star cadena and sent it to me before I even paid her. And the countless PMs I got about items that I'd been looking for--thanks to your dilligence, I worked through my list of these hard to find items in the course of just a few months.

    And last but not least, I must give special props to our dear DQ--one of the great enablers on this forum, who is always looking out for me, but not my DH's pocketbook! :graucho:
  12. i've got two more i can spare, hlfinn. i've owed you a PM for at least a week now, so i'll feel less guilty if i send you a little "i'm sorry" present.:p
  13. oh i should have said:

    i had a wonderful member send me some scarf tying books for me and my mom after reading about my new scarf purchases- along with a little something else. i was so touched. i hope she doesn't mind but i payed it forward and sent one to another tpfer who mentioned to me that she had gotten her first scarf and didn't know what to do with it. the other one i will treasure always!

    i can't express enough how much i adore my 'girls'- the wonderful tpfers who help me with my purchases, calm me down when i have questions or worries, and are just generally great friends. i have a bunch that i pm regualrly about things and there are always new friends to be made every day! which is why i love this place so much!
  14. i just have to say how amazed i am by everyone's relationships here on this ladies really do look out for each other, and you look for opportunities to help one another. it's so neat to watch, and occasionally get to participate in! :smile:
  15. ^^THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS THREAD!! Thanks to all the helpful members that give me advice, enabling advice, and listening to rants regarding Hermes, and everyday life!! :heart:

    It's not only the gifts, and ROAK, and SS, but the WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT, HAPPINESS, SUPPORT, and ADVICE that I thrive on the most!:yes: