~ Mystery Box $10 Plus $5 Shipping

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  1. #2 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Okay...there are some still available as of now.

    I just scored two of the $10 boxes...the higher priced appear to be sold out.
  2. Thanks, I just ordered one and have no idea why lol.. What type of things do they send in their mystery box's?
  3. LOL!! I've no idea, however I read some of the comments from ladies who ordered during their previous offer and they made it sound great.

  4. I just got done reading those comments as well lol.. I am exited but home i dont get any Gardening tools :smile:
  5. I'll probably end up gifting what I get...that's what I usually do. I love surprising my friends with little gifts.
  6. Ye, i guess depending on what we get. Will post as soon as i get it :smile:
  7. #8 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Thanks! :smile:
  8. In the rules is says that orders will be cancled if you use a coupon code.
  9. Whoops, I missed that. Thanks for letting me know!
  10. LOL! I was trying to score the boxes quickly before they sold out so I neglected to look for codes! Thanks for posting the code thermophile!
    I can't wait to see what we all get...I just love buying mystery bags and boxes.
  11. thanks for the code!
    i got two $'s only 23$ including shipping.
    Hopefully it'll be something good.. :yes:

    ^ ignore that...i just placed another order w/o the code. lol
  12. what the heck.. i just bought one. I'm a sucker for stuff like this :smile:
  13. just ordered one, against my better judgment... what the hey. happy thursday. :shrugs:
  14. Did you enjoy your doughnut pipsqu3ak? I didn't get a doughnut, so this is the next best thing! At least it won't fatten me up! LOL!!