Delicious treats, yes please!

  1. These all look great, but the torte looks delicious

  2. Yum! Great job!
  3. Sour Cream Pound Cake- July 4th 2012
  4. Made this today for the fourth! Tres leches flag cake. Hope everyone had a good one!
  5. This looks great and I love how red the strawberries are. I'm actually eating some strawberries now... lol.
  6. ^cute for the 4th! bet it was yummy.

    ^LOVE that! what a great idea to use tres leches cake as the base.

  7. You being mexican-american...I still haven't tried a good tres leches cake...yours looks divine...

    Share a recipe?
  8. Thank you! I am Mexican-American as well :smile:
    The recipe is rather embarrassingly easy. I follow the recipe linked below(for the milk mixture part), but I use a yellow boxed cake mix instead and it works beautifully(this is coming from an all from scratch baker!) And I also use a tub of cool whip sometimes instead of making it from scratch. It is such a wonderful cake and it gets rave reviews from friends and family every time I make it! Definitely try it and enjoy! Oh, and just another tip. In the recipe linked below she says to discard about a cup of the milk mixture, but I use all of the mixture on the cake and it's never been too much. It's so good tasting you'll definitely want to use it all! :smile:
  9. ^Thanks so much for sharing!
  10. Strawberry Muffins
  11. mmmm...I :heart: muffins!
  12. Thanks
  13. Mini Apple Pie
  14. Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Vegan Cupcake
  15. ^looks like comfort food for dessert!

    ^beautiful presentation!