Delicious treats, yes please!

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  1. ^banana bread is one of my most favorite things in the entire universe!

    ^that s'mores cheesecake looks awesome!
  2. OP-oh my goodness...:amazed:
  3. Favourite thread :heart:
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    Here is some Strawberry Pecan bread that I made. For recipe and pictures go to //

    Photos were too big to upload from my camera so these photos are from my phone.
    image-348326484.jpg image-43289884.jpg
  5. ^That looks really good, Chineka!
  6. Thanks :smile:

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  7. These are some Mocha Muffins that I baked tonight with my husband. Recipe and more photos will be on my blog by Monday. The link is below in my signature. Enjoy :smile:

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  8. :drools:

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  9. Thanks. I really appreciate it.
  10. Made this pound cake Friday and fondant flowers to go on top of the buttercream icing that I made

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    image-1501936802.jpg image-3139586008.jpg
  11. you make some beautiful & delicious treats!
  12. Yummy.
  13. Thanks everyone :smile:

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  14. Chineka-that pound cake looks really good!
  15. Thanks. It was really good.

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