Delicious Fishes

  1. Thought I would share a recently discovered secret with you all: steaming fish.

    DH gave me a wok as one of my valentine's day gifts. It has a grate that can be placed in it so that you can fill the bottom with water, put the grate in, put food on the grate, put the top on, and let it steam...

    Anyways, I discovered a way to make the best fish!

    Take a white fish like sea bass or red snapper and put salt on the bottom. Chop fresh basil and put it on the top. Spread a little bit of honey on the top. Sprinkle chilli powder over the honey and place the filet on the grate. Steam 15-20 minutes. You know it's done when the fish easily seperates when poked.

    It comes out DREAMY. The taste of the honey completely dissapears, but the fact that it was put on top makes the whole thing cook so well.


    This may not be a big revelation to some of you, but to me it's a really big deal. Yummm.
  2. This sounds delish!!!:drool: I'll try it one of these days. Thanks!
  3. Oh that sounds so good. We just recently gave away our wok. I may have to go buy another.
  4. That sounds really good. If I ever get a wok I'll have to try it. I do love fish!
  5. Mmmmmmmmm that sounds delicious. I LOVE fish.
  6. I love chilean sea bass.
  7. your recipe sounds yummy. i'd love to try it out as i just bought sea bass yesterday. what type of basil do you use? italian basil or asian basil?
  8. Sounds great!! Especially now that I'm required to steam all of my food and eat lots of fish. Surely will come in handy! Do share more recipes if you've got them!
  9. Italian.
  10. That sounds really yummy! I've never steamed fish in my wok before. What kind of grate do you use? Does it come with the wok or is it something separate I need to find?
  11. Actually, it's the grate that came with my rice cooker (which doubles as a steamer). I would like to find the official grate for my wok (it's a le creuset) but Williams and Sonoma didn't have one. The wok seems a lot easier to steam in than my rice cooker is.

    Really you just need a round metal (stainless) grate. The shape of the wok will hold it in place 1/3-1/2 way up the wok. You could probably find one at an asian market. Or sometimes they're sold as cookie racks.
  12. ^^^ Oh, I think I understand now. My wok came with a small side like grate, but it's way too small to steam anything in it, that's why I was wondering if it was the same thing. I'm going to give your recipe a try! Thanks so much!!!
  13. This sounds really good -- and healthy!
  14. Ooo:huh: i'm drooling just thinking of ur fish..*this dinner time here now in SG* lolx..

    sounds yummilicious!
  15. thanks, purly!:smile: