DELICIOUS Chocolate Cake... In the MICROWAVE... In 5 Minutes!

  1. Yes... that's RIGHT... IN the microwave!!! And, this stuff is HELLA good!

    What You'll Need:
    A Coffee Mug (large is best!)

    4Tbsp. Flour
    4Tbsp. Sugar
    2Tbsp. Cocoa Powder
    2Tbsp. Chocolate Chips

    1 Egg (Small eggs are best)
    3Tbsp. Milk
    1Tbsp. Oil

    Mix the DRY ingredients into your coffee mug. Stir in wet ingredients and mix well.
    Place Mug on a plate and pop it into the microwave for 3-4 minutes.
    Let it cool and enjoy!! :smile:
  2. Ooh, this sounds fun, I'll have to try this :nuts:
  3. Do you microwave this on high or on a lower setting?
  4. interestingly easy! I am going to try this soon!
  5. OMG this sounds amazing
  6. OMG...this is gonna be BAD NEWS for me! It sounds soooo good. I need to get chocolate chips and cocoa powder!
  7. Wow, sounds delicious!
  8. we made it and it is delish! im not joking! and easy peasy! yall have to try this. Thanks! for the recipe PrettyInPink!!!! Here's pics.. Soo moist and chocolaty. YUMMMMMMMMY!
  9. Mmmmmm it looks SO GOOD!

    I just cooked it on my microwave's automatic heat setting. I assume it's high? :yes:

    So glad it worked out for you! I might have some in a moment myself! :smile:
  10. Looks very easy and good! Thanks for sharing!
  11. I am DEFINITELY trying this out tomorrow!
  12. MMmmmm i want to try this!
  13. it looks great!
    i looked up nutritional info on calorie king (by ingredient) and it's worse than i thought so i'm gonna have to just dream of it! ;)
  14. ^^I can't even eat NEARLY the whole thing. There was enough for my mom and I to split it... PLUS some :yes:
  15. If you eat 1/2 of it, it's really not that bad calorie wise. Regular cake with shortening and tons of icing is a lot worse!