Delicate, feminine jewelry brands?

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  1. Hello ladies, I've been searching for jewelry brands that make delicate and feminine pieces (think dainty), but I'm not having much luck.

    Any suggestions? :smile:
  2. Beverly K
  3. Temple St. Clair, and Cathy Waterman (who makes some exquisite, very feminine platinum pieces).
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  5. I love anything by Cathy Waterman. I just wish my wallet loved them as well, lol.
  6. Sidney Evan, Lizzie Scheck
  7. - Michael Beaudry
    - Van Cleef & Arpels has a very dainty/feminine collection called "Socrates"
  8. Dogeared - if you're looking for a very reasonable price point.

    Just purchased a Cathy Waterman pendant - LOVE IT!!! Wish I could afford lots more.
  9. Temple St Clair & Ippolita