Deliberately mixing regular Damier and Azur?

  1. I love love love the Azur line, but I'm sad they don't have more smaller items available.

    What do you guys think of doing Damier accesories with an Azur bag? :confused1:
    Such as a cles, 4key, and agenda in Damier with an Azur Saleya.
  2. I think I'd prefer it the other way around, like a damier larger item and then a smaller azur item. There's also the mini pochette accessories, which I think would look darling paired ! :yes:
  3. I don't think the darker color small items matching with Azur, but I will try some solid lighter white Vernis or white Epi (new line).
  4. Ohhh I forgot about the white lines, although the Azur is rather cream like. Still it's an excuse to get some epi white pieces :biggrin:
  5. If only they made more Azur accesories! :push: The mini pochette is adorable! :love:
  6. I always mix and match..I have the Azur pochette and the regular Damier 4 key holder and use them together all the time.
  7. i think the azur would look good with an indigo cles on it.
  8. there is actually an azur cles available. have you checked it out? i attach it to my azur speedy 25 all the time.:smile:
  9. About mixing the two Damier patterns? Wasn't there a picture in a LV advertisent? It's driving me crazy that I can't remember exactly....
  10. I like when people mix LVs! Are they going to come out with more azur accesories?
  11. hum...i mix Azur speedy 30 w/epi cles in rouge or indigo, love how these two epi color compliments Azur :smile:
  12. You know what I think will be waaaay cute?? The new heart-shaped vernis coin purse on an azur speedy 30!
    That is like, my dream gift for Valentine's! (yes, I'm already on Valentine's!!) :yes:
  13. Great question! I'd love an Azur 4-key and an Azur 2 picture snap would be adorable :love:
  14. It's the cles and the 4key I want to match. :push: Maybe I will just get an indigo 4key to match my cles, if I can hunt one down.
  15. they would look so cute!