delias copied the faridah!

  1. [​IMG]
    i dont shop here but i was looking for a cheapy tote everywhere only and i found this! im sure that like all designs get copied but this was the first mj i recognized by myself!
  2. thats real ugly lol
  3. I concur. LOL
  4. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiideous. And so freaking tacky. Ugh.
  5. It may be ugly, but I personally have no problem with bags that inspired by high-end designers. It's when they flat out claim they're the real thing (like the rampant fakes on eBay) that presents a problem.

    That and the average Delias shopper doesn't know that the bag is based off of the Faridah or even about Marc Jacobs.
  6. ^^I agree with oxyoxy136 - I don't have a problem with 'inspired-by' bags. If you look at bags in Target or Wal-mart or by Dooney or Liz Claiborne or xoxo - they are FULL of 'inspired-by' designs. :yes:

  7. Oh I definately agree with you and Dawn, I don't think the average Delias consumer really knows...I just think that bag is horrendous, whether M by MJ or not.
  8. ^ Oh no, I totally agree -- the bag is ugly on all accounts.
  9. ^ Haha:p
  10. :yucky:
  11. for some 12 year old, that bag is awesome.
  12. ohhhh man that is one hideous bag :wtf:
  13. Wow. Good job noticing the similar design, tomato! But ya, not so cute of a bag.